Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal  

Dear guardians and students,

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to this website.

In the present context, the aim of our school is not only to provide academic excellence but also to promote, motivate and empower the learners to become lifelong researchers, critical thinkers and philosophers of our ever-changing and dynamic society. More than two decades back, Hetauda Academy pledged to impart quality education with excellence. The institution that is being run by Hetauda Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. under the patronage of  the Sumargis, has owned fame and specialization not only in Makwanpur but also in the entire state of Nepal.

In this institution, learners are provided with an atmosphere for overall development, where they are encouraged to polish their skills, talents and knowledge in pursuit of excellence. This becomes possible only in a holistic, child-centric environment. Talents, skills and potential of students are to be identified, nurtured and encouraged so that they attain a higher target. The whole HA team is prepared to inspire every child to become a good and smart citizen by creating a new mindset through education. Furthermore, right from the beginning our students are encouraged to know and respect universal values, develop global understanding and devote services to the community. 

Hetauda Academy is a school with immense opportunities, love and care.  Every child is given means to satisfy his/her urge for creativity in which actions build up thought.  It is a suitable, place home-like for our students’ personal and professional growth. Therefore, Hetauda Academy could be the perfect choice for your child to become a smart person you always want to see evolving in the years to come.  So, as Principal of the school, I assure you that we will help make your dreams come true by giving quality education (knowledge, skills and character building) to your children, which will prepare them for life in a world where they will meet, live and work with people of different cultures, religious, languages and ethnic groups.  

Shaping young minds is an extremely challenging tasks. Distinctive academic programmes and innovative teaching strategies encourage students to develop critical-thinking and help them become rational. 

Hetauda Academy is an ingenious school, enhancing talents and skills of faculty members, students and parents to provide a host of educational programmes and projects. Total participation is encouraged in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer and care is also taken to ensure well-being and happiness of each and every student in the school.

This institution endeavors to particularize traditional education along with the modern, updated and continued educational system. Sanskrit language, the language believed to possess rhythmic melody, and its schemata are our ancient language and intrinsic possessions. A new scientific methodology of teaching Sanskrit with modern techniques, orients the young minds towards our culture, tradition, customs and ethnicity. Spirituality is possible with the education we provide, with the knowledge and skills we instill in young learners.

Students brought up and educated in such an environment have shimmering hopes and potentials of becoming responsible, sensible, balanced and civilized citizens of the country. They can always influence the nation with their potentials.

Hetauda Academy strives to provide a sacred environment, and has a framework of discipline and freedom that allows students to learn from their mistakes. Parents involvement in a child’s education, firstly, is a gift to your child and secondly to the school. This mutual partnership is strongly promoted and encouraged by Hetauda Academy. 

Your feedback is our recipe for success. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the valuable guardians for their support. 

Shree Bahadur Karki

                                                                                                                 Principal                                                                                                         Hetauda Academy