Mr. Arun Raj Sumargi
Mr. Arun Raj Sumargi

First of all, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the entire teaching staffs for publishing this magazine. I am incredibly consented with the commend-ale efforts of my members and feet speechless joy to express a few words on my organization and its successful history. With enormous confidence i can claim that my institution has proved itself a much better than other elite academic communities of my surrounding in terms of publishing SEE results in recent years, Socializing out students in modern society and various other personality development activities. I express my gratitude and reverence to all the competent and action oriented teachers who have contributed to bring us to this point. I should honestly say that none of this work is possible without the generous and constant support of my members, There academic experiences, their precious time, Prudent thought and constructive suggestions in the time of need. Of course , I need your far-sighted advice in the days to come also. I humbly request you to share your marvelous talents, and join my committee to produce a fruitful result in future.

On polite tone, I request all the concerned person to let me know you needs and interests. I expect you to send all types of thought provoking ideas by emailing me ……………….. Or accessing our website.

I Endeavour my best to bring all round development by appointing benefits computer , music , sports and yoga teachers to import academic knowledge, keep our students up to date with current trends, sharpen their memory and keep their health hale and hearty.

I am sorry to say that these days a number of Nepalese students long to go to foreign countries to achieve. My mission is to provide more quality students more efficiently and providing innumerable physical facilities than well developed countries that they do to there as well as international students. To meet this goal , I request you to pay visit on line or in person and get your children admitted in my school and feel the difference.

At last, I wish you all a glorious future and wish to thank again to all for helping me to grow this beautiful plant. I feel honoured and have tremendous hope to achieve a higher goal in upcoming days


Yours Sincerely